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Destiny and Free Will Summary, by twin brothers Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo
We are convinced, through over 30 years of combined study and research, that at least 75% of the significant themes and events of everyone's life are predestined. This includes, at the very least, your name, parents, early environment, relatives, siblings, level of family income in your early years, initial social status, general physical appearance, and a lot more.

In our view, predetermination also includes, but isn't limited to, the overall direction of your life, general inclinations, types of personality challenges, love life situations, rewards, recognition, key events and even specific souls with whom you will interact. This all appears to be arranged before you incarnate.

It's likely, based on life between life and past life regression research, that the predestined situations and circumstances you experience were chosen by your soul (not your personality) before incarnating. Perhaps ultimately, as a soul, you do have complete free will, yet that free will is greatly limited while in human form.

But it is important to realize that you must often take action, whatever feels most right at the time, to bring forth what is to be. As a human, you have free will to put one foot in front of the other to manifest your destiny. For example, you probably won't meet any new friends and potential romantic partners by hiding in a cave. Also, you have free will to react to situations in a detached and accepting way, which can change how you perceive the outcome. You can embrace the circumstances of your life with compassion and gratitude, or reject them with misery.

At times, however, fated circumstances and events, whether they're what you (your personality) want or not, come about automatically. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, they happen anyway.

Ultimately, we either live in a universe that is completely chaotic and meaningless, or there is a divine order to things. We choose to believe that there is a cosmic plan, and that everyone is connected to it. We feel it's reasonable to believe, based on eons of observation and empirical research by sages throughout history, that everyone has a life blueprint, full of necessary and ordained experiences to further soul development and that life isn't just a series of arbitrary, chance events.

We provide services to help people become more aware of and navigate their predestined paths so that they can more easily limit struggles, recognize opportunities, and reach cherished goals.